I have completed my midterms in the two classes that I am taking. I got a 96% on my pharmacology exam; however, I know that I could have done better. The advanced human physiology exam was harder than expected, but now I know how major exams go and still have a great chance at an A for the class. I’ve been getting 100% on my homework, labs, and quizzes now which is great.

I don’t want to be left in the dust again for next year in the medical school admissions process, and I was able to snatch up a January MCAT date (however very far away from my house). Dates for January have been mostly unavailble since the beginning of October, and the MCAT won’t be offered again until the end of April of 2015 and will also be a very different and longer exam because the MCAT is changing. Guam is the only location left for the MCAT in January now which would cost a couple thousand dollars to fly out of the states.

I have applied to one medical school year which offers a total of three campuses that are practically equidistant to where my husband’s job is moving to, so if I had the pleasure to attend this medical school, my husband would be able to keep his job which is what prevented me from attending medical school this year after being accepted to some out of state. There is a visit day at the school close to my husband’s work next week, so I will be going to see one of the campuses that is north of me. I have already visited one of the campuses last year during a waitlist/accepted student event.

My article for a research journal is due at the end of this week. I was asked to write about the challenges of women during motherhood, and I have decided to write about the barriers to breastfeeding that exist in modern society. It will be real interesting to see some of my writing in Polish!

At home, I’ve been working on fixing the inside walls to the house where we had a lot of paint chipping and plaster repair to do. There is still a lot more to be done, but things are coming along. By the end of this I will be a master plaster girl, lol.

D1 (second grade) has been doing well in school academically, although he is a very intense boy and gets into trouble with his teacher sometimes. He says that some of the boys have been mean to him at school. His writing has really come along, and I can see a lot of potential in it. He enjoys reading my Berkeley Review Biology book. Yeah, he’s crazy. He says that he wants to learn more about the liver, lol. He is also super into military history right now.

D2 (kindergarten) is doing better academically. Supposedly at the beginning of the year, he was the most behind student in his class. He is going to special ed for 20 minutes a day, and now he has to be moved up into a different group because he has come along so much. He can now identify most of the letters (maybe gets 1-3 wrong) in upper and lower case, write them, say their sound, and come up with a word that begins with each letter. He is doing simple addition now and is working through the pre-Dolch sight word list (words like make, help, play, like, me, you, to, two, and, the, yellow, white, red…). I hope to have him done with the pre-Dolch words by the end of November. He also now knows the odder shapes such as hexagon, rhombus, and trapezoid that they are required to identify. He can also read simple sentences made out of his sight words and words that can easily be sounded out. He’s almost got tying his shows down but will need to work on this a little more. This week, I will be working with him on his journal writing since his school really emphasizes early writing even to the point where I am unsure if it is really developmentally appropriate. At the end of November, he is going to go up to the University of Michigan to help correct the muscle imbalance that he has in his eye and he’ll be getting speech therapy soon. He’s looking forward to going. Although he is behind all the other kids, he is really positive about school and doesn’t seem to get frustrated. His special ed teacher is really proud of his progress.

D3 (four) loves preschool so far. Last week was her first week of going all day. She likes to practice writing her letters. I am so afraid that she will be behind like my boys. It is a terrible feeling to have the slowest kid in the class even though you know that they are really bright but just don’t express it in ways that other children do. They really expect a lot out of kindergarteners these days. D4 (almost two) is talking a lot. I’ve heard her count to ten before while going up steps. She is also getting tons of teeth. D4 now knows the letter “I” from her watching us go over sight words with D2.

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Our Day of the Dead pumpkin for the hospital-wide pumpkin decorating contest.

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