Lots of things have happened recently. My sister had a beautiful baby boy, and they named him Nathan. My cousin passed away from being sick. My husband sold our Tahoe, and now we have a Windstar which I really like since the kids can get in and out much easier and I have more room for things like groceries or bikes. It is also a good thing that I left my old job of ten years to do something different since my old hospital officially signed the merger agreement with another hospital system, and my old job is going the way of the dodo. I have mixed feelings about this especially after investing a lot of time and effort into a program that ended up just being scrapped at whim. This is so another reason why I want to go to medical school so I can work for myself.

Currently, I’m taking two courses which are pharmacology and advanced human physiology. The pharmacology class is going well (I still have 100%); however, after two weeks in the physiology class my grade is hovering around 90% which is bad when there is no curving, extra credit, or anything like that for the entire class and the school has a crazy GPA system that shows exactly what you got in your class. For instance, last year for genetics, I got a 98% in the class but my official GPA for the class is only a 3.9. It leaves no margin for any kind of error. I submitted my secondary for the only school that I’m applying to this year since my husband wants to keep his current job. On Monday night, I’ll be shadowing a hospitalist at my work. I’ve also been asked to write an article for a Polish-English journal about maternity and motherhood, and my academic papers have reached the top 0.5-1 percent of the over 12 million Academia.edu participants which is exciting.

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Constantijn Daniël Renesse, Satyr at the peasant's house, 1653.

Constantijn Daniël Renesse, Satyr at the peasant’s house, 1653.

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S.H. Sadler,

S.H. Sadler, Children Suckling Asses, 1895.

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Daniel Zuloaga Boneta, La Gota de Leche, 1913.

Daniel Zuloaga Boneta, La Gota de Leche, 1913.

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